SEO for cannabis dispensaries

I work for an SEO business and I would say that 75% of our clients are HVAC dealers.

That means I am making heating and cooling websites basically all day long.

I also deal with HVAC business owners. These are typical white males in their late 50s. They aren’t the best kind of customer. They don’t really get what they are paying for and understand that I am the expert here. They always want to supply blurry images to be put on the website, have dumb sayings and mess with my coding on the actual website. They typically end up with a worse product when they get involved. My company has slowly started creeping into cannabis dispensaries. More and more of our clients are dispensaries. They are so much better to deal with. Those business owners are much younger and familiar with SEO. They know why they need internet marketing and what exactly it is. They also are much more chill to deal with. I can make a website and not expect any changes from their end. If they do supply pictures or content, it is typically quite high end. The dispensaries offer some really cool services too. I can write about dab bars, vape lounges, a cannabis hair care line, you name it. There is just more fodder with a dispensary. We don’t have too many clients though. That is why it is like a dog fight with other workers to have them as a customer. Eventually I think our company will only cater to marijuana dispensaries.

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