Some cannabis stores sell dry cured flower products

I’m happy that I never started smoking cigarettes long term after I tried them a handful of times in school. I would buy a pack, use a quarter of them get togethering over the course of a long weekend, and then I’d supply the rest of the pack to a neighbor of mine who was a legitimate smoker. This is how I got close to the edge of becoming addicted however never legitimately went over the edge. It started with a neighbor who asked me while all of us were smoking cannabis if I wanted to try a “clove cigarette.” Call me stupid, however I believed him when he reassured me that it had no tobacco inside. I thought it was just the cloves that all of us were smoking, however in reality it was loaded with as much or more nicotine than a traditional cigarette. I purchased them a handful of times before I realized it wasn’t worth tickling the sleeping tiger any longer. Now I stick to smoking cannabis only, although I am happy that I finally started using a dry herb vaporizer so I can avoid combustion of cannabis. The combustion creates carcinogens that are not nice for your long term health. Therefore, our preferred cannabis products are dry cured flower buds, which usually come in jars or mylar bags with an fourth of an ounce inside. Even if the batch of cannabis flower buds isn’t severely fresh, if it’s stored in an airslim jar, it should remain fresh for at least a month or longer. I have gotten a few sticky batches of cannabis that were over a month aged from the date of original sale.

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