I had the bean burrito with extra guac after I got high

Cannabis products always give myself and others the munchies.

It entirely doesn;t matter what style of cannabis product I have.

I could smoke a bowl of sativa strain cannabis & I will have the munchies. I can vape a whole gram of distillate & I still get the munchies. The munchies are a single of the side effects that almost everyone encounter when they use recreational or medical marijuana. The body naturally gets hungry & wants to snack when you are under the influence of the cannabis sativa plant. One of the large reasons why cannabis was legalized for medical use is to help cancer patients with nausea & loss of appetite. On Tuesday night, our friends & I went out to the club. We stopped at a marijuana dispensary & picked up a couple of marijuana joints. We obtained a sativa called Blue Dream. We smoked the strain in the parking lot before every one of us went inside. I felt like our face was going to melt off, but blue Dream marijuana product has 27% THC. That is certainly on the high side for Blue Dream, normally a sativa strain Has 15 to 20% THC, but this recognizable Blue Dream strain was grown locally & packs a large punch, however my friends & I smoked the whole joint before going to the club & I had the munchies less than an minute later. By the time every one of us left the club, I was ready to get a bean burrito with extra guacamole. I could almost taste the yummy, refreshing lemon zing of the chilly baja blast too.

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