The only time I get expensive live resin is when it’s on sale

Live resin cannabis concentrates are certainly expensive! Live resin cannabis concentrates are usually extracted using a plan that preserves the flavor & odor of the plants.

Love roses are more expensive because the extraction process is more difficult, however cheaper cannabis concentrates use CO2 or butane hash oil to extract resin from the plants, however the product that comes out after these drastic chemicals are used is entirely not as potent or flavorful as the live resin products that have been extracted using heat or cold.

Cold pressed live rosin is the best product on the market. Cold pressed live resin can be up to $69 for a single gram. The only time I can afford to buy live resin cannabis concentrate is when they are on sale, but occasionally I can find products that are 50 or $60, and if I can find a cannabis concentrate that is a chilly pressed live resin product for that price, after that I would be more likely to buy the product, however when I can find a sale that is buy a single & get a single for free or even half off, it is worth the money to go to the dispensary… A few weeks ago, I was going to see some friends in a nearby City & every one of us went to a dispensary before every one of us went to the club. The dispensary had a sizable sale on live resin concentrate. I wanted to go deranged & buy 8 grams, even though I didn’t want them to sit in the car the whole time every one of us were in the dance club. I went back the next morning to purchase the live resin, but they didn’t have them on sale anymore.

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