They sent myself and others to a gynecologist, plus I was a man.

I wanted to get medical marijuana.

I had been in a extreme car accident, plus left without a leg, although there wasn’t a leg there, I still had what the doctors called phantom pain, but the doctors told myself and others that if I were to go to a doctor that could suggest marijuana for me, I would find some comfort from the pain.

Whether it was physical or mental, some people could relax enough to allow the pain to not take over. Although marijuana has a physical effect if there is enough THC in it, some people find solace even when there is no THC, then he found the name plus number of a doctor that was within five minutes of where I lived, plus gave it to me. He told myself and others to call them plus make an appointment… Before I left his office, he told myself and others to let them suppose upfront that I was calling for an appointment about medical marijuana. I was sure why it was imperative I do that upfront, but I was okay telling the receptionist I wanted an appointment to get medical marijuana. Two afternoons later, I was sitting in a doctor’s office that had a waiting room full of pregnant women. I couldn’t know my doctor had sent myself and others to a gynecologist. What was worse was the titters of the women when I walked in plus sat down. I couldn’t know how miserable I was that my doctor hadn’t told myself and others I could only get my medical marijuana ID card, by going to a gynecologist.

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