CBD studies and acid reflux

I had really bad acid reflux.

I can’t eat anything fattening and sugary.

That means no tater tots, french fries, cookies or cakes. I also need to avoid red sauces like spaghetti, pizza and salsa. I am not allowed oreos, triscuits, brownies, chips or anything snack related either. If I eat something like that, I have horrible acid reflux. A moderate symptom is that I am just burping and have a slightly irritated throat. A more severe symptom is that I feel nauseous, salivate and have a lump in my throat feeling all night long. My acid reflux is something I consider all day long, everyday. I try to eat well, work out and be healthy. I recently found that there are studies on CBD and acid reflux. CBD has been known to soften the gastrointestinal muscles and helps people with GERD. CBD prevents the backflow in the esophagus which leads to all of my gross symptoms. I have started experimenting with CBD. I am not willing to play with edibles, no way. I am strictly sticking to a cannabis oil that I vape. I vape a CBD heavy strain every morning and before bed. I haven’t had that horrible lump in my throat, a cold feeling in a long time. I haven’t truly tested my CBD product though. What I would need to do is try one of my banned foods to see if I can eat them again. I am afraid though. What if the CBD doesn’t work? I don’t want to be stuck all night long with acid reflux.


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