The two of us only deliver to the beaches on Sundays and Tuesdays

I plan ahead for the weekends on Tuesday and I prepare for the month on Sunday

Delivery services are nice, because they allow you to get the things that you need and want in a hurry and without ever leaving your home… Living in the town means enjoying lots of delivery services… When I lived in the city, I could have anything delivered from laundry, to Bakery goods and even electronics. I moved to the beaches a couple of months ago and I thought things would be the same. They are truly different. I can’t have the same things delivered to the beach that I had delivered in the city, then one thing that is vastly unusual is marijuana delivery. In the past, I could call the marijuana delivery repair and have anything that I wanted delivered right to our door within an minute. After moving to the beach, I realized that it was no longer going to be possible to get 1 minute delivery. There is only a single dispensary that will deliver to the beaches. This identifiable dispensary has a $150 minimum for the order. They also only deliver to the beaches on Tuesdays and Sundays. All orders have to be sited 1 day ahead of time. When I need marijuana supplies, I particularly have to suppose ahead and make sure that I have enough items for a couple of days. I plan ahead for the weekends on Tuesday and I prepare for the month on Sunday. I can constantly drive up to the dispensary if I run out, however that means facing all of the traffic. I would rather stay beach house than deal with bumper to bumper town traffic.

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