I got confused by the specials so I called the store

I went online and I saw a brand new dispensary opened up that provided delivery repair to our address, and the delivery repair had a entirely bright and colorful website.

They had all of the specials written down so it was simple to assume what was on sale; Unluckyly, I had a little bit of trouble understanding whether or not I could use the first time patient discount with the other discount! I wanted to order online so I did not have to talk to anyone in person, but I ended up contacting the store because it was too confusing.

The woman on the iphone was entirely nice and helpful, she explained how the first time special worked and she also told me that I could stack the deal, however only on the first time that I am a patient… All other times comment deals are not stackable. I was stoked when I heard about the specials, because the various sales together meant that I was going to save a heap of money on the cannabis products that I properly buy. I loaded up our shopping cart with all of the items that I love. I purchased an OG Kush vaporizer cartridge and I also purchased a orange dream vaporizer cartridge. I purchased a half ounce of super silver haze flower. I got some stuff for free because it was our first time. The lady on the iphone told me that I could order from the delivery repair anytime and they guaranteed I would be able to get to our delivery since our address was so close to the marijuana dispensary.


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