I wasn’t sure I could survive without the pain killers.

I had been taking the same pain medication for almost 25 years, every six months.

They were now upping the dosage, and I wasn’t feeling well.

I felt like I was walking around in a fog. My ears were ringing all the time, and I had bouts of extreme dizziness. The doctor asked what the pain level was, and I told him it improved, but I didn’t like the way I felt. He insisted we up the dosage of my pain medication, but I wasn’t buying it. I told him that if he upped it once more; I was going to change doctors. Two weeks later, I was talking to a different Dr. who suggested I get weaned off the pain medication I was now on. He told me that if I was in so much pain; he wanted me to try something different. His suggestion of something different was that I tried medical marijuana. He said marijuana was part of a holistic health approach to life. Holistic health was based around herbs and other products found in nature. Although marijuana was at the root of holistic health with medical, that didn’t mean that it wasn’t a lifestyle worth trying. He sent me to a pain management doctor who practice holistic health, and he said he would contact him before I got there. When I arrived at the pain management clinic with the holistic health doctor; he looked like any other kindly old doctor I had been to, but he lived in a modern world. He told me that holistic health was nothing more than what the Indians used many centuries ago. If marijuana was good enough for his ancestors and mine, then it should be good enough for us to handle pain and other modern ailments.

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