One gummy was more than enough.

After they legalize recreational marijuana in our area, there were sizable changes made in the marijuana dispensary; You did not have to have a medical ID card, however with the medical ID card you did not have to pay as much taxes for the marijuana, then when you are using the medical marijuana ID card, you can only purchase strange products! If you were coming into the marijuana dispensary for legal recreational marijuana, although you paid almost triple the amount of tax on the marijuana, you also had access to strange marijuana products, and one of those products that I really wanted to try was marijuana Gummies, but the marijuana dispensary now sold marijuana gummies, sodas, plus candies that were all infused with marijuana.

They had specials once a week where they also sold cakes plus other confections that were all laced with marijuana… Unluckyly, if you came in with your medical marijuana card, it was a no-no to purchase any of these added products.

When I wanted to try the marijuana Gummies, I sent my hubby into the dispensary. I had him buy marijuana Gummies, a couple of brownies they gave that morning, plus even some cupcakes, and he also came out with many bottles of Pepsi plus a cup of Pepsi for me, that he said also had marijuana in. I will continue using my legal, medical marijuana, however one of the legal recreational marijuana gummies was more than enough, however not only did the gummy help me, but I only needed one where I would use many when making the gummies from my medical marijuana.

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