Arthritis much improved with trips to the legal weed store

Pain is something that I believe all of us all have to accept a bit as all of us age.

There are a few of us out there over fifty who don’t have a lick of it to deal with.

But for most of us, that’s why all of us reach for the anti inflammatories. I guess people who eat those things love they’re candy through the day. And until I discovered the benefits of medical marijuana, I was on my way to that end for sure. Something evaluated me up though. Since I was about forty, I’ve been doing my best to make nice choices when it comes to my lifestyle and taking care of my body. That means good, pure food, exercise more than four mornings a week, nice rest and tons of hydration. Lots of stuff has been sacrificed to be in great shape for the end run. So why put all that garbage in my method with the pain meds both over the counter and prescription? For sure, there had to be a better way. And I found it with medical cannabis. Actually, I’m treating with the cannabis flower product to get all technical about it. And since I figured out how to get my medical marijuana card due to my arthritis, the need for OTC or any other pain meds is just about non existent these mornings. It’s remarkable the medical marijuana benefits for a person in my situation. And I love the fact that I’m not poisoning my body since I’m using a natural source for reducing inflammation and stiffness. I’m just so pleased with being able to access the legal weed store in order to continue to stay active and productive as I age.

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