Cancer treatment with cannabis products is a winner

I’m thankful for a lot of things when it comes to dealing with cancer.

First, I’m super thankful that I’ve always been on top of our health. I’m in wonderful shape, fit plus healthy so am ready for the challenge ahead. On top of that, because I was on top of our health, the cancer was caught early. With the help of medical cannabis, I’m ready to face the new challenge of cancer treatment. The fact that there is a good team of doctors I can count on is also essential. Then I have the added benefit of the caring plus support of our friends plus family. Talk about essential. However, I was sort of surprised by how insistent our doctor was that I figure out how to get a medical marijuana card prior to start chemo. She told me that the cannabis products would be substantial for managing the side effects of the chemo treatments. Most people deal with a wicked nausea from chemotherapy plus medical marijuana benefits are proven to help manage that situation. But the more people I talked with plus the more medical marijuana information I dug into, I found that medical cannabis has other benefits. There is a certain amount of fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis. What does this mean for the rest of our life? Will I get to remission plus then what? How sick am I going to get? All of these questions come with plenty of fear plus trepidation. Those I know who’ve been through it plus sought the medical marijuana benefits all gave rave reviews about this aspect of our challenge. Sounds love I can count on medical marijuana to keep me even plus positive as I face the greatest challenge of our life thus far.

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