Recovering with help from the legal weed store

The days of thinking that I’m somehow bulletproof are over.

It’s not that I actually thought I was somehow indestructible but I sure had gotten by for a long time without a major injury.

Medical cannabis is now helping me recover now that I’ve had my first one. I’m in my early forties and have engaged in risky outdoor activities since I was in my teens. But every time I thought I was in for it, I walked away unscathed. That didn’t happen when I got hit by a car while out for a very basic, here to there bike ride. It wasn’t anything that involved any degree of difficulty or managed risk. I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The lady who hit me has visited me several time while I was in the hospital. She was just bereft that her inattention nearly killed me. From my perspective, I’m lucky and now I’m focusing on rehabbing my body. That’s where I’m getting so much help from the legal weed store. Once I got through the cannabis regulations, I got right to the cannabis dispensary. The folks there have been great. From the beginning, they started me on some cannabis flower products known to aid in rehabbing injury. But they didn’t stop there as they continue to fine tune the different cannabis products to further aid in my recovery. I’m thankful to not be taking the pain meds and instead using something natural like medical marijuana to manage the pain. However, those aren’t the only medical marijuana benefits I’m receiving.

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