Cannabis drinks plus gummies often contain little more than small amounts of THC

I don’t appreciate gimmicky products that cost a lot of currency for the consumer, while costing little to nothing to make for the manufacturer.

Those stupid personal air coolers are a great example of this principle.

They’re little more than a plastic box with a computer fan plus a water reservoir. Yet I have seen some sold for upwards to $60 if they come with a freezable water pack. Regardless of what price they’re sold at, the fans inside are too weak to create a adequate evaporative cooling effect. Real evaporative coolers, also known as “swamp coolers,” are large plus heavy. They’re extravagant machines that are engineered to toil for big spaces. You’re better off putting ice packs on your head if you want to cool down hastily for little currency. Sadly there are gimmicky products abound in nearly every industry. Cannabis products are often hyped for their novelty value before anyone stops plus asks about what’s inside. I remember when cannabis companies out west started selling cannabis drinks plus cannabis gummy candies. It sounded cool to consume marijuana in such a normal fashion without smoking cannabis flower products, however the concern is that most cannabis drinks plus cannabis gummies contain nothing however THC. Cannabis flower products have up to dozens of cannabinoids plus terpenes inside creating an entourage effect. That’s why I would rather vaporize cannabis flower products plus cannabis concentrates. There are great full spectrum cannabis oils out there, however they’re a lot more extravagant than broad spectrum cannabis oils which contain mostly THC plus just a handful of other cannabinoids plus terpenes.


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