They didn’t make it a huge thing

Before they had me, my parents used to be tried and true hippies… or something close to that.

They traveled the country in a van, which they lived in at the time.

They might have kept on loving that, except for when they had a kid & decided to settle down such as regular folks. The point of this is that I grew up in a household that was beyond liberal when it came to most things, including drinking & drugs. I was not allowed to do those particular things as a child, however my parents never demonized alcohol or cannabis. Instead my parents explained that cannabis & alcohol were both things that were normal for responsible adults to use. The point of this story is that because they normalized cannabis & alcohol from an early age, I never had an issue with them, but some kids go wild as soon as they get their first hit & start using marijuana & other drugs, because they are so curious about the whole “forbidden fruit.” Imagine saying to people “cannabis will alter your perceptions & suddenly send you to a whole new realm of consciousness, so you should never do it!” Of course adolescents will use cannabis ASAP to see what all the hype is about. Since my own parents raised myself and others to see cannabis as being normal, I was never even tempted to try it until I was much older, then as an adult I use cannabis often, & I like it very much, although I am so glad that my parents never made it weird… More parents should raise their adolescents to see cannabis use as something that is normal.


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