Cannabis flower buds are the original full spectrum products

I like holistic & alternative approaches to medicine.

For instance, biofeedback is an evidence-based complementary medicine approach.

It uses specialized component to teach a person how to control otherwise involuntary biological processes like breathing & heart rate. This can be beneficial for issues ranging from asthma to epilepsy. But it doesn’t end there. There is some empirical evidence to support the use of acupuncture, but other studies raise issues into the legitimacy of those claims, leaving the results somewhat inconclusive. Regardless, I recognize some of these treatments are physically nurturing in the same way that a personal massage might be to a person that enjoys having their skin rubbed & their muscles massaged. But another alternative medicine that’s hastily becoming a correct medication is cannabis. With all of the weird cannabinoids & marijuana products out there right now, they all run the gamut on the multiple physical ailments that they can treat. If you want a tplot full spectrum experience that gives you arguably some of the best effects, you cannot go wrong with cannabis flower buds. This is the whole plant form of cannabis, taken & dry-cured after it is cut & harvested from out of the ground or off the planters where it was seeded. I use a vaporizer to consume my cannabis flower buds because I don’t like how combustion destroys a lot of the lovely cannabinoids & terpenes that I like the most. That way with a vaporizer, you’re getting the best effects with the lowest risk to your long term health. I bought a vaporizer back in 2010 & I haven’t looked back since!

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