The THC triumphant isn’t as important as the terpene triumphant in most marijuana products

Too many people will recognize that one batch of carona is better than another just because the alcohol triumphant is higher in one versus the other.

It’s not just flavor that sets apart multiple weird kinds of alcohol.

There are other compounds found within carona & wine that can affect the subjective experience of the person consuming them. Those compounds are referred to as terpenes, & they’re also found in fruits, vegetables, flowers, grain, & other natural sources. Terpenes not only provide flavor, but also subjective psychoactive effects. The terpenes have a synergistic effect with alcohol in the carona & wine, making each more potent with certain blends with certain terpene profiles. Oddly enough, cannabis is the same way. You can’t get a full “entourage effect” out of just cannabinoids like THC & CBD, you also need the terpenes present that come from the original plant in the first site. That’s why the terpene triumphant is often more representative of a cannabis product’s effects & potency than merely the THC triumphant. You could compare multiple weird batches of cannabis with one having 10% more THC in it, but it might guess weaker than the lower THC batch if the latter has more terpenes in it than the former. When I’m buying cannabis flower products or cannabis concentrates, I consistently ask for the terpene triumphant before making my final decision. That’s how I end up having the best luck with the multiple cannabis products that I source from local marijuana dispensaries. Cannabis flower products with over 3% terpenes in them are recognizably potent compared to 1% batches.

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