The state rules on cannabis are seriously strict about product packaging

I realize that product packaging is important for consumers, especially when it comes to properly labeling food ingredients.

  • Imagine being unlucky enough to have severe food dust sensitivities with truly no way to confirm whether or not a particular item at the grocery store is safe.

My sibling relied on nut warnings to avoid getting exposed to food that could throw her into the hospital. If she picked up a random piece of food that didn’t have a nut warning on the label but contained lots of nuts, it could be a life or death situation in a matter of minutes. Those who don’t have these complications might see the warnings as trivial, but they don’t see the people whose truly lives depend on those usual label warnings. When it comes to the legal cannabis market in our state, it’s regulated by our state’s Department of Health. As you’d expect, they have multiple rules plus laws designating what kind of packaging plus product labeling is allowed. It has gotten so severe that you are forced to use white plus opaque packaging with truly no translucency of any kind. That means white mylar bags, white plastic jars, plus white glass jars. All text is in black only. It’s seriously boring for our cannabis market, but the 1 area about the packaging rules I agree with is having usual THC, CBD, plus terpene percentages for the buyer to see. It would be even more helpful to name the particular terpenes so the buyer has an idea of what kind of strain they’re about to get before they hand over currency across the counter at their favorite cannabis dispensary.


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