Cannabis topicals like patches are great for localized pain relief

When I played tackle football in high school, I sustained a large number of physical injuries during those four years.

While I figured most of this damage would be short term, a lot of it has sustained itself for the long term within my body.

My left wrist is damaged and causes me pain if I don’t use a brace whenever I’m working at a computer for long periods of time. This is particularly daunting when you rely on computer work like I do to support yourself. It would be a lot of fun to get out on my inline rollerblades again, but the fear of falling and breaking my wrist is a real concern. I wouldn’t be able to work at the same rate that I’m required to with my job. That could be a serious detriment to my survival. As far as managing the pain from my past injuries, I consume a lot of over-the-counter pain medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Beyond that, I also consume a lot of CBD products and cannabis topicals that include creams and skin patches. These give me localized pain relief wherever I decide to place the patch or skin cream. If my knee is giving me a lot of trouble, I can put a cannabis patch directly on the skin over my knee, thus giving me instant relief right where I need it. With cannabis topicals, you don’t have to wait for the THC to process through your bloodstream. I still enjoy using cannabis inhalation products, however I can’t imagine going a week without having cannabis topicals in my medicine cabinet as well.



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