We’ve had cannabis for five years but there are less than 30 companies in the state

I’m happy that cannabis is legal for medical use in my state, especially since we all assumed it would still be illegal at this point. However, when we first voted on legalizing medical cannabis it wasn’t to approve all of these various restrictions that have been imposed by the state government. In fact, few of us would have ever consented to the state government having this degree of control over the cannabis program at all. I certainly didn’t realize that the state government had the broad authority to interpret any constitutional amendment in any matter that they wish, and the only repercussion we have as citizens is to sue them and take them to court over the restrictions. The law we voted on said that new licenses would be released as new patients are entered in the state registry for cannabis, but this is behind by years at this point. Despite having legal cannabis for over five years now, we have less than 30 cannabis companies in the entire state. To me, this is unacceptable. There aren’t enough cannabis products sitting in dispensaries in this state to match the demand of dispensaries’ customers. Cannabis flower products and edibles especially get sold out early after the new products are delivered to the various dispensaries throughout the state. Since customers are often given text updates by dispensaries on new cannabis product drops, they’ll amass on the store in a matter of hours after the new products are finally delivered. If you’re not quick, you’ll be left disappointed like so many are who don’t think to make online orders before leaving their homes to wait in line at the local cannabis dispensary.

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