Cannabis concentrates can be intense for new marijuana users

When I first tried cannabis when I was 17 years old, it was fairly weak and only gave me a few effects at most.

  • On the other hand, it was free and I was thankful that my friend was willing to give me a joint to smoke on my own at my house.

That wasn’t something that he needed to do, but he was nice enough to share with me at the time. By the time I got to try cannabis with a different friend later down the road, I was finally able to experience high quality, indoor-grown weed that was free of seeds and sticky with oil trichomes. It was a jarring experience because I got much higher than I ever thought possible and it scared me at first. But the entire time my body felt amazing and I had this detached feeling from reality that I couldn’t really place in my mind at the time I was experiencing it. I wish I could experience cannabis like this again, because now that I’m 30 and I’ve been smoking daily for 13 years, I have a noticeable tolerance for cannabis. My tolerance is so high that I have resorted to using cannabis concentrates instead of cannabis flower products like I was consuming in the past. Cannabis concentrates often have over 70% THC opposed to the 20% THC you find in many batches of cannabis flower buds. That’s why it’s important for new marijuana users to understand how strong cannabis concentrates are before they decide to dip their toes in the deep end for the first time.

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