PPC wasn’t the right strategy for me

I tried pay per click advertising for a while. I just wanted to get my cannabis dispensary name out there. There are three other businesses within five minutes of me. I needed mine to stand out from the others. PPC was a quick effort to get some more customers. I was able to see how many clicks I got and then I tracked my online sales. I found that people were going to my website and then quickly clicking off. I didn’t understand what was wrong. I decided since that form of internet marketing wasn’t working, I would try a new one. I found dispensary SEO services to be extremely helpful. The SEO analyst said my issue was the website. People saw my website and were turned off by it. Initially I was protesting this fact. The SEO guy showed me how difficult my website was to navigate. He pointed out that my phone number was’t easy to find and that my pictures weren’t very appealing. He basically begged me to allow him to make a better web design. The new cannabis website is so freaking beautiful. It looks so professional and there are even videos. The phone number is easy to find and there is a contact form on there now. The company even used search engine optimization strategies over PPC. So instead of me paying for every click I get, my website just ranks organically higher on google. I have seen quite an increase in business since my website and ranking on google has improved. They were worth the money.
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