Adapt with the times

In order to survive in business you need to adapt with the times and be unique.

I am good about being different from my competition. There are a lot of cannabis dispensaries in my area. What separates mine from the rest is that I have a whole line of cannabis cooking products. I have all sorts of spices, cooking oils, butters, sugars and candies. If you want to make a meal out of cannabis products, I have it. I offer baked goods, dinners and snacks. The edibles in my store are out of this world. I was having trouble staying afloat business wise. Anyone who bought from my store was a loyal customer for life. Getting people to come in the doors was tough. I realized I wasn’t adapting with the times. I was relying on word of mouth and advertising in the local paper. Everything is online now. I didn’t even have a website! Once I realized that I was missing out on 90% of shoppers, I looked around for a cannabis seo agency. I found a search engine optimization company that was just amazing. They really learned into my whole edible display. They took lots of pictures and put product descriptions on my website. They even had videos showing my bakers making some of the products. It was extremely cool. What is best is that if you search for edibles and my location, my store comes up first. I am the first one you are going to see on google and I didn’t even need to use PPC.

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