I went to a weed store

Occasionally it can be strenuous to be included in a group of friends that have an activity that you can’t relate to, and i know what this is love first hand.

I once had a few friends that were all known as fitness freaks. It was completely normal for them to run multiple miles a day, plus weekly visits to the gym! As a professional couch potato, I couldn’t relate to that at all. I ended up losing connection with them overtime, mainly because I just couldn’t relate to a lot of the things they did; Looking back, I really regret that now. I had a wonderful group of friends, and I ended up letting them go just because I didn’t want to participate in something they loved. Anyways, I have current friends now, and I am kind of back in the same dilemma. Except, instead of fitness freaks I have a group of friends that are recreational weed users, then now what is wrong with that, you might wonder, but well I was raised to avoid recreational weed love the plague, and taught all kinds of deranged beliefs that I now know are wrong. Even knowing this, I can’t bring myself to try recreational cannabis with our friends. Not to mention, I have never seen myself as the kind of man to try recreational pot anyways. Instead, I tagged along with our friends to the recreational marijuana store near me, but this provided me an up close look at what being in a marijuana store is really about. It was a lot cleaner and more professional looking after that I expected, and I had a wonderful time with our friends.

recreational pot dispensary