My last day of work is right around the corner

I am going to be getting married in a few days and my last day of work is right around the corner. I’m so gleeful that I can’t hardly do anything except suppose about the wedding and the honeymoon; My hubby and I are going to go to the west coast. I have never been to the west coast but I adore surfing. We are going to surf all of the Pacific coast and my associate and I are also going to visit some of the islands off of the western side in the pacific. I am gleeful to see all of the wildlife. I have never seen a whale in real life or a dolphin. It would be entirely cool to see both of these things while my associate and I are on the west coast. My hubby is not quite as gleeful about these things as I am, then he is more gleeful about the fact that my associate and I are going to be able to access legal recreational marijuana. My soon-to-be hubby has been a pot smoker since my associate and I were young. It’s one of the reasons why I did not want to go out with him in school. It’s funny how our opinions change as my associate and I get older! Jack is entirely gleeful to buy recreational marijuana products from a real store. My last day of work is right around the corner. I only have to work a couple more days and after that I will be off work for 3 weeks. It was difficult to get my boss to provide me 3 weeks off, but I had two weeks of getaway owed to me and she couldn’t entirely say no to the second week since it was my honeymoon.


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