The football player was using marijuana illegally

Last season a lot of new players were drafted for the football team; Not all of the players were going to make the final roster of the team, so it was substantial to weed out the exhausting ones in the beginning; One of the things that the team does is drug tests, because even though my area has legal recreational marijuana, the athletic activitys officials have an absolute zero policy on using marijuana! For some reason they consider marijuana to be a performance enhancing drug. The Football Association is absolutely wrong for considering marijuana to be a drug plus it should not even be inspected for in my opinion. I decided to occasion one of the new local football players for my fantasy football league. The guy did amazing in his pre-season games plus I thought he was a solid occasion for my roster… During the second week of the season, the football player failed a test for using marijuana illegally. The guy was out for 3 weeks. As soon as he came back to the schedule, I got gleeful to see him get some relaxing runs, however unluckyly, the dude failed another drug test for marijuana. At this point, the team suspended him for the rest of the season. I undoubtedly like to use recreational marijuana plus I am cheerful that I live in a town like here where it is self-explanatory to purchase; Still, 25 million plus a 3-year contract might make me refrain from drugs if I knew that I was going to lose out on all of that money.


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