Finally some relief for my spinal cord pain with medical marijuana

Nothing could have prepared me for what was to happen that day in the field.

I have always been a sports person and started gymnastics quite early. My parents had discovered this talent when I was quite young and decided to support and nurture it. I competed nationally and had even been to a few international events. I was looking forward to my first Olympic qualifier before I wrapped up my career. Unfortunately, it appears as though I had pushed myself too hard during the practice season. What started as a typical day quickly turned out to be the worst in my life. I had an accident that left me unconscious and in excruciating pain. I was still trying to figure out what had happened when the doctor broke the most devastating news for any sportsperson. I would never compete again since my spinal cord was damaged. Even if they could fix it and replace a few discs, it was impossible to take up an active lifestyle again. Before this sank in, another dossier was released, and I was told that I had to undergo treatment and physiotherapy for nine months. This was the most painful experience. The first three months were hell as no painkiller seemed to work. Finally, a friend of mine from the army suggested that I try medical cannabis as my last resort. I asked the doctor to recommend a good CBD store to buy the best medical cannabis products. I would send my family members to get me all cannabis products ranging from cannabis tropicals to cannabis candy products until I settled for my favorite. Eventually, I preferred vape products as they made it easy to get through tough therapy sessions in the nine months. The cannabis products played a significant role in my recovery.
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