I wanted to grow a couple of marijuana plants at home

I obtained some marijuana from the medicinal marijuana dispensary.

The ace was $50 for a middle-shelf flower product.

I selected the strain called Gorilla Glue number 4. The hybrid is a good choice, because it does not have any sedating effects, then gorilla Glue number 4 is absolutely a single of our preferred hybrid strains. I felt incredibly surprised and gleeful when I found a couple of marijuana seeds in the bag. I didn’t guess if the seeds would germinate or not, however I wasn’t going to throw them in the trash. I took each a single of the seeds out of the marijuana flower and I localed them on a damp paper towel. I wrapped up the paper towel inside of a plastic bin and I put the plastic bin in a dry warm locale to sit for a few afternoons. On afternoon eight, I began to notice the smallest little tiny stem coming out from the seeds. I transplanted the seeds to some soil made for growing marijuana. A few weeks later, I moved the plants to a brand new location. The plants were so strong when I moved them. Their roots were growing and they seemed like they would be okay to transplant. Unluckily, all many of the marijuana plants died after I transferred them to a much larger pot. I am not sure what I did wrong, however I am absolutely glad that I didn’t pay for the pot seeds. I would have been much more upset if I had spent $50 on the seeds instead of getting them for free in my bin of weed.

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