The best aspect about legal weed

My Mom had to move across the state when I was in our senior year of high university. My Mom got a new job offer that he could not afford to turn down. I was entirely surprised, upset and angry when I learned that they were moving. I wanted to finish our senior year in the same university where I started classes. I did not want to leave all of our close friends in the middle of the semester. My Mom felt really horrible about the circumstances and they gave to let myself and others stay with our Grandma so I could finish our last few weeks of university. My Grandma happily let myself and others move into her home. After high university was over, I had to make a hard decision. I could continue living with our Grandma or I could hop on a plane and move to the same state where both of our parents were now living. It was a difficult decision to make. There are some things that made the decision a bit easier to make. 1 of those things is the legal status of marijuana in the state where our parents moved, but recreational and medical marijuana are now 100% legal. After I moved, I had access to legal marijuana any time that I wanted. Legalized marijuana was a single of the largest reasons why I decided to move. I could have gone to school somewhere else, however being closer to our mom and Mom made myself and others think safer, then having ready access to recreational marijuana made myself and others think happier. I weighed the decision very heavily before I finally chose to move across the country with our Mom.


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