Working in cannabis store

My sister just moved to the neighborhood where I live and is looking for a part-time job while she is in school! She has classes most afternoons, however still needs to make some money while she is finishing her degree.

She has an condo and needs to make money for rent, but i told her she should look into getting a job in the cannabis industry… There are a lot of locales that are offering part-time and full-time positions, and it seems like there is a modern cannabis dispensary opening up everyday.

I do not know anyone who works in the cannabis industry, however I guess she would be a great fit. She enjoys to talk to people and is undoubtedly smart. She knows a lot about recreational cannabis and could learn a lot more. She will complete her degree next year and I guess she would be enjoyable as a director of a cannabis dispensary. She is likely to go into sales after she completes her degree and this would be a enjoyable start. I hope she takes my advice and goes into the cannabis industry. I am excited to have her living nearby in the same neighborhood as me, then our parents cherish to come visit me and now that she is here too, it will make family celebrations so much fun. I am not sure how our parents would feel about her laboring in the cannabis industry, however I guess that it is a undoubtedly enjoyable idea.

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