When the cannabis wore off, her problems were still right there

Jackie always feels she can handle all her issues without any help. This is one of her character flaws, she has come to realize. A few months ago Jackie finally started going to therapy, and she admits that it was long overdue. She was so fixated on doing everyone alone, it hurt her in the long run. Therapy isn’t the right choice for everyone, and for years Jackie thought it wasn’t right for her either. She tried to bury her issues with booze and cannabis, and for a while she was so numb that she thought she was improving even though she wasn’t. When Jackie smoked cannabis all morning long, she stayed high and forgot about her issues for a while. When the cannabis wore off, her issues were still right there waiting for her. Jackie’s therapist Dr Kim said she was self-medicating with cannabis and whiskey and needed to taper off. She prescribed some pills for her to take, but she didn’t like the way they made her feel. While Jackie feels Dr Kim is helpful with her mental issues, she feels the pills are more harmful than cannabis ever was. She decided to trust her instincts and resume self-medicating with cannabis, but she did stop drinking alcohol. Dr Kim didn’t like her choice, but Jackie stood her ground, partially because cannabis is non-addictive, which wasn’t the same as about the pills she wanted her to take. Why should Jackie risk developing an addiction to these new medications when she can keep treating her stress with safe, delicious cannabis instead?