He still grows his own weed plants

We have been spending so much time with our Uncle Rico the last few weeks.

We knew him back when we were kids, however things are a lot different now.

Both of us are college grads, we have families of our own, and we can relate to Rico in ways we never could before. He has many amazing stories from the 60s when he was a wild and silly Hippie. Rico stills grows his own weed plants, like he has done for decades. We have been doing our best to broaden his horizons and get him out of the past and into the present, because the cannabis we have today is nothing like the stuff from the 60s. Did you know that the cannabis strains of the 60s had only a fraction of the THC that we have today? For new age marijuana smokers, we doubt the old-timey stuff would even get them stoned. We hook up Uncle Rico with top quality cannabis seeds every time he is ready to plant. He has noticed the steady increase in the quality of his cannabis, and wants to learn more about how to improve it. We took Uncle Rico down the cannabis dispensary with us so we could talk to the experts. The woman who runs the store was friendly, but she didn’t have personal experience with growing marijuana they sold multiple peculiar handbooks, and growing devices and soil additives designed to help marijuana grow faster. We are looking forward to Uncle Rico’s next batch of cannabis plants.

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