They added a reliable age verifier.

I observed how many people were trying to put in online orders for marijuana delivery.

No one at my shop was asking about age and I became distraught that none of the bartenders were asking.

If people didn’t ask about the age of the customer when they placed an order, I would go to jail, then you had to be at least 21 just to enter the website. I called the online marketing company and asked for Ben, my cannabis dispensary specialist. I told Ben there were people under the age of 21 coming into the dispensary to purchase medical marijuana. This process was so much easier when my friend and I sold only medical marijuana. You had to have a medical marijuana ID card to purchase our legal marijuana products. Now, you could purchase recreational marijuana, which only needed to have a legal ID card to show you were 21. I knew what it was to forge an ID to make it seem like you were 21. When I got in touch with my website developer Ben, he told me there was no age verification tools on my website. Ben said it would be simple to do, and he could have repeat age verification on the website if someone got by the first one. It was simple to have an I am not a robot box, and even easier for some to click the “I am over 21 years of age” box, when they were not. The robot was verifiable, but the over 21 was not reliable. I wasn’t sure what they would do to the website, but I was guaranteed no one under the age of 21 could place an order or receive delivery if they were under the age of 21.