Marijuana business anchors portfolio

The marijuana business hasn’t exactly snuck up on me.

In fact, the majority of my personal investment folio is related to the marijuana business.

And I do this for a living. Making money for people through investments has been a passion since college. I was doing it for friends even back then who would throw a couple of bucks my way. So when I went out on my own almost 20 years ago, the marijuana business was on my radar big time. This was a time when medical marijuana had proved to be quite successful. Not only were patients getting the cannabis products they needed to manage their misery, but the state was making money. And the whole medical marijuana experiment was initially so well thought out and executed. I found that a very, very intriguing financial prospect was beginning to take shape. Back then, I was investing in actual cannabis growers and cannabis dispensaries. That proved to be a great bet because those early marijuana business pioneers are now the cannabis industry leaders. I have been so pleased with my returns on investment that I keep pouring my profits back into cannabis related business investments. I’m still invested in a very successful cannabis dispensary brand. But I’m also investing in the infrastructure like lighting, ventilation and watering systems. Regardless, I don’t have to do anything but show a rudimentary flow chart of my own returns to provide the proof that cannabis is a good investment. And were still a long way to go before there is universal access to cannabis products. It’s coming and seems to be less and less politically a hot button. So to me, the future never looked brighter for the marijuana business than it does right now.

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