Recovering nicely with the aid of cannabis

For the past year, I’ve been actively recovering from a terrible hiking accident. The first 8 months or so were truly terrible and I hope I never experience anything like that again. But after that, I’ve been seeing ever bigger gains when it comes to my physical and emotional recovery. I have to give a lot of credit to cannabis products when it comes to all sides of this process. I went from being on a beautiful hike to broken so badly that it was looking pretty grim there for a while. Sativa and indica strains have played an instrumental role when it comes to healing both body and mind. The indica strains have been so essential when it comes to the physical healing. Indica products are wonderful tools when it comes to natural pain management and a natural anti-inflammatory. Cannabis products that are pure indica like OG kush have proven to work best for me when it comes to helping me heal my body. Then, there are the sativa products like Blue Dream. This is actually a hybrid strain but is sativa dominant. While it also possesses for the body, the sativa strains also really go to work healing the heart and soul. Going through such a traumatic event takes a toll on the psyche as well as the body. With the sativa products, I’ve been more equipped to stay disciplined, positive and hopeful. These are super important characteristics when it’s all you can do to get through another grueling physical therapy session. So yea, without the ability to access the local cannabis spot, I would not be where I am today. And today was a big milestone. My girlfriend and I split a cannabis edible and had a picnic in the park. I don’t think I’ve been more grateful.


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