Cannabis stops business brain

Since I moved here, I’ve noticed that I really, really look forward to the one weekend a month where I go shopping for marijuana for sale.

  • Moving to a state where recreational marijuana is legal has been such a big benefit of taking on this new challenge.

This is my first time heading up a regional office having spent the better part of my career as a location manager. So I had a big task in front of me that came with a certain amount of learning curve. But I was also eager not to go the overwork and burnout scenario that often happens with learning a new position. While I was confident in taking the job, I wanted to avoid stressing myself out to the point that I was no good to myself or anyone else. That’s why the fact that I can shop for marijuana for sale here was a big part of my accepting the promotion. I’ve been using recreational marijuana since I discovered cannabis at a party in my 20’s. Of course, I’ve always been quite discreet with my cannabis use given the fact that it’s still illegal in many states. Still, nothing has ever helped me more when it comes to being able to relax and breathe. There is just something completely unique to sativa and indica products when it comes to my mental health. The fact that I’m a woman in a powerful position isn’t as noteworthy today. But 20 years ago, the scrutiny on results seemed doubled on my female colleagues compared to the males. That can force a person to not take time for their balance. Cannabis products have always allowed me to turn my business brain off and refresh.


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