The large wave caused my bin to fall into the water

My bestie plus I bought kayaks to ride in the river close to the campground where my associate and I live… The river has a lot of good sites for fishing, and i bought a kayak with a side part that is perfect for replacing my poles plus a small quarter, however my bestie bought a smaller kayak that does not have room for any fishing gear; She usually reads a book while I am fishing.

She doesn’t mind laying around getting some sun, while I try to catch a fish. The two of us were out on the water last weekend when a large boat came into the canal plus caused a immense wave to rock our small kayaks back plus forth. I had my stash of marijuana in a bin in my fishing tackle box. It fell out of the boat when the wave caused us to rock back plus forth. I did not realize that the stash of marijuana was missing until I went into the bin to get a pre-rolled marijuana joint. I rolled up a couple of marijuana joints before my associate and I left the house, because it’s easier than trying to do it on the water, then when I couldn’t find the marijuana joints anywhere in the bag, I realized that they must have fallen out into the water earlier. My bestie plus I tried to search around to see if the bin was floating, although I knew there was no way that my associate and I were going to find the lost marijuana. It was gone forever, because I left it out instead of putting it away.


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