Helping out my cannabis dealer

Have I told you about Jenny, my next door neighbor? I had no idea when I first moved in, however Jenny is a weed dealer! The morning I found out I was overjoyed… Do you know how amazing it is to have a weed supplier living next door? There is a cannabis dispensary about three miles away, which is nice, however even nicer is putting on my slippers plus shuffling next door to buy my pot, then a few weeks ago Jenny came to my front door in a panic, one of her proper customers had been arrested, plus she was afraid he would squeal about her cannabis operation, but she asked if she could store her inventory of cannabis in my home for a few mornings, until she was sure the cops wouldn’t come crashing in… I agreed, despite the fact that I was a little nervous about having numerous pounds of illegal cannabis on my premises, but jenny is a fantastic friend, a reliable source of cannabis, plus she’s also pretty hot, which is why I agreed.

It’s never a bad idea to have a overheated person with a cannabis attachion owe you a favor! Gladly, I can report that the next few mornings went separate from incident.

The guy who got arrested wouldn’t tell the cops where he got the cannabis, plus eventually things went back to normal. I helped Jenny transfer all the cannabis back to her locale. After that, she gave me a discount on all my cannabis purchases, plus even gave me an offer about coming to toil for her!