The software for the shop computers was installed yesterday

Brand new software was installed in all of the cannabis shop computers yesterday and we have been experiencing a ton of problems.

The new software it’s supposed to make it much easier for budtenders to find the products and check people out.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like all of the products are listed in the computer yet. I was looking for some of our top shelf products yesterday and they were not listed. The manager told me to bring up the product as something else that was the same price. It will be hard to keep track of sales and product inventory if we are constantly ringing up one product as another. This morning I had problems as well and every package was ringing up for $1. Even the marijuana products that were $50 were bringing up for $1. The manager was aggravated and annoyed and she decided to call the company that installed the new computer programming. We contacted the software company to figure out why things weren’t working properly, but they had no good answers over the phone. The guy at the software company told us that he could fix the problem remotely, but we are still having issues with the product bringing up the wrong price. The manager said that the software company is going to come back on Friday to update the software and work on the glitches. Until then, we have to figure out a way to make the system work. I knew there would be problems when the new software was installed, but I didn’t think it would be this bad.

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