There was a certain time when I tried growing some weed

I honestly tried growing some weed during the COVID lockdown.

It was legitimately bad in this city, my people and I had several large outbreaks to deal with, and I was under quarantine for over three months.

I had so much time on my hands, and so little to occupy my mind. I basically decided to germinate all the old seeds I had been collecting. My residence has a small fenced-in backyard, so I just planted the seeds in the middle of the yard to see if anything would happen. Only a few of the seeds sprouted and out of those couple, none of them grew to maturity. Happily, soon after that the local cannabis dispensary came back online for curbside pickup orders. I could never have survived as a farmer, because even handling a few measly marijuana plants was too much for me to handle with success. Cannabis has a reputation for being straight-forward to grow, however that was not my experience to be totally honest. Instead I will leave the botany to the scientists, and just buy my weed at the weed store like a normal person. When I have the currency to spend I care about getting premium strains similar to OG Kush or Pineapple Express. When currency is extremely tight I get a lesser strain, one that maybe isn’t as potent however will still pack enough of a cannabis punch to get me super high. The cannabis I grew at my residence was too seedy and stemmy to smoke, even if it did have a nice stink to it. The cannabis dispensary has much better products, so I don’t need to expend my time and energy on weed anymore.

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