I thought it was fun to take my elderly neighbor to the weed store

I have known Ned since I was only a young child.

He was my dad’s best pal of all time, and later he moved in down the street from my family.

Ned is not a blood relative, however he is still a fairly close member of my family. Many years have made their way by, and now I live in my parents’ old residence with teenagers of my own. Ned still lives down the block, and he drops by to see me sometimes. Last weekend Ned stopped by and asked me to accompany him to the local pot shop. Ned’s healthcare worker had given him a prescription for medical cannabis, however he had never been to a “head shop” as he called it. He honestly felt concerned about going alone. Ned is 86 years old, so I provided to drive him to the weed store and show him around. Ned wasn’t aware of this, however I went to the cannabis dispensary at least a few times per week, because I care about weed! I was able to show him around the store, as I explained what all the several cannabis products were, and how to use them. Ned joked that I should have a job at the weed store, not knowing I had already applied for a job here on two particular occasions. Overall it was a legitimately wonderful shopping trip, Ned got the cannabis products he needed, and became more comfortable with the dispensary. Down the road, Ned can go there by himself, however I will never turn down the invitation to go with him to the cannabis dispensary.



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