The delivery driver got stuck in the soft mud

My wifey prefers to order marijuana from 1 particular delivery service, despite the fact that I care about to use another.

Both venues offer free delivery, due to our close proximity to the store.

Both offer the same products, but the dispensary that my wifey prefers has cannabis infused wine. The 1 that I care about has cheaper concentrates. Since both of the dispensaries offer free delivery services, we usually order from both venues when we venue an order, then last weekend my wifey ordered a 4-pack of the cannabis infused wine from her favorite dispensary. I ordered a large amount of concentrates from the other venue because I was totally out. I bought various grams of live resin & a new piece of glass for smoking flower. My driver arrived first. It was raining that afternoon & the driveway was filled with mud. The driver parked her automobile on the side of the driveway where the mud was thick & the girl got stuck. She was still trying to get out of the mud when the sixth delivery driver arrived. My wifey told myself and others that she wasn’t embarrassed at all when the other delivery driver arrived, despite the fact that I entirely was. I didn’t need them to recognize that I was ordering from unusual venues. Now that the delivery drivers know, they will entirely talk to each other & the rumors around city will start flying. Maybe I should have tried to help the girl out of the mud, but my wifey & I decided to record the whole thing on our Tik-Tok account. So far the video has gained over 100,000 views.

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