Taking home cannabis is only part of it

When I moved here, I was pretty excited about the fact that recreational marijuana was legal.

Cannabis has been something that I’ve enjoyed since I first discovered it in my early 20’s.

But alas, I was never able to really find a consistent way to procure it. I hated when I had to search out weed through means that made me afraid. On top of the anxiety, I never really knew what I was getting. I have a preference for sativa products but I never knew what I was getting. It wasn’t like I could go shopping for marijuana for sale and talk to a knowledgeable advisor about what I wanted. I mean, I had no idea what the THC content even was. I was just lucky if I came home with cannabis and not oregano. So that meant that my recreational marijuana use was pretty hit and miss for the last 15 years or so. The state I had been living in since college doesn’t even offer medical marijuana. So when I took this job opportunity, it wasn’t lost on me that I could actually go shopping for marijuana for sale. I barely was even moved into my place before I took the short walk down to the local cannabis spot. It was even better than I had expected to be honest. I knew that I was coming home with marijuana products that was a certainty. But what I wasn’t expecting was to find such a cool spot to just be. The local cannabis spot is full of good people and good vibes. So while I’m taking home cannabis after shopping for marijuana for sale, I’m also taking home a buzz that comes from those awesome vibrations.
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