My sister complains about me smoking weed in my house

My sister and her hubby have been separated for exactly 3 months and most of that time my sister has lived with me.

  • My sister was complaining to my mom and dad for a while and they let her stay there, but she was having trouble getting the kids to university, and eventually she decided to ask if she could live with me, however i told my sister that I would happily let her and the kids stay in my house, however I wanted to remind my sister that I use recreational marijuana and I was not going to stop just because she moved into the house.

My sister was well aware of how I felt when she moved in, but she still complains after 3 months. I stopped smoking in the home and I only smoke in the garage. I guess that was a substantial sacrifice in the first locale, because it’s my home and I was smoking inside before my sister moved in. Every time I come inside from being in the garage, my sister makes some kind of remark about the fact that the whole home is going to smell like marijuana now. I remind my sister frequently that she is a guest in my home, however I don’t want to be rude. I can’t exactly kick my sister out and put her and the kids on the street. Even if I could, I particularly wouldn’t. I still wish that my sister would not try to make me feel excruciating when I’m literally providing her with a roof over her head.

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