I have to cut back on my medical cannabis budget

My money right now is fairly dwindling.

I do not have cash to do virtually anything outside of my normal labor schedule. I have to save all my money for my bills & medical expenses. I also have high bills to pay for the house as well, and my electric bill has been going up recently because of inflation increases across the board. I also have a vehicle payment that I have to fill every single month. There are just so many expenses that I end up forgetting to budget for everything. That way I end up over spending almost every month. It’s a legitimately big issue for me right now trying to just survive. I’m living paycheck to paycheck & wondering if I’m even going to be able to keep this task in the next 5 years or not, eventually artificial intelligence is sure to replace my task with a mere kindle program, then naturally, I have to cut back on my medical cannabis spending. I have to try to get as many medical cannabis products as I can for as low of a price as possible. It’s difficult when you do not have an income that you can increase simply by working more hours; So until I labor more hours, I can’t buy more medical cannabis products & I already am, unfortunately the price on medical cannabis has been consistent & I stayed over the last two years. In some states medical cannabis products are going down because the supply has outmatched the demand. It will take a few more years before my buddy and I see this play out in my cabin state with medical cannabis.

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