Realizing the benefits of topicals

The psoriasis has made such a beautiful difference, and there are no harmful side-effects.

I’ve been shopping at the local cannabis dispensary for numerous years. I’ve enjoyed trying new consumption methods and strains. I am a fan of the simplicity of vapes and portability of tinctures. I prefer the unusual textures and incredible THC potency of concentrates. It’s always fun to shop cannabis-infused edibles and beverages. The dispensary carries all sorts of gummies, brownies, cookies, hard candies, mints, tonics, colas and chocolates. I most often purchase old-school flower or pre-rolls because I find the smoking process especially relaxing. I’ve just recently begun exploring cannabis-infused topicals. I initially overlooked them, because they give no psychoactive effects. I have always focused on purely recreational aspects of cannabis. When I mentioned to one of the budtenders that I suffer from psoriasis, she proposed a cannabis-infused ointment. The ointment is high in CBD and includes CBN, CBG and THC. These cannabinoids work together, interact with receptors in the skin and promote healing, until trying cannabis, I had never found anything that effectively minimized my symptoms of psoriasis. Anything that helped a bit only provided relief for a short time. The psoriasis would quickly build up an immunity and come right back. I have psoriasis scales on my elbows and knees. These areas can get red, itchy and sore. The psoriasis has made such a beautiful difference, and there are no harmful side-effects. I can apply the ointment numerous times per day. It doesn’t even smell like medicine. Most of the cannabis ointments are infused with essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus that give added benefits and a really refreshing fragrance.

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