Using edibles and topicals to treat arthritis

I have issues with arthritis in my handles.

The cold winter weather worsens the symptoms.

My fingers tend to swell and my joints become painful. It is difficult to form a tight fist. Certain activities become challenging. I struggle to button my shirts and type on my laptop. Since my job is handled entirely by way of my computer, I am not as productive. I have considered prescription medicines. However, after looking into the many side-effects, I am reluctant to take the risk. I’ve tried over-the-counter pain relievers and home remedies without much success. The legalization of recreational cannabis in my home state has been a huge relief. I don’t need to spend the time or money on a doctor’s visit. A doctor’s reference and medical marijuana card are not necessary. My valid government identification is enough to allow me to shop at any of the dispensaries in the state. There is a cannabis dispensary a short fifteen minute drive from my home. They offer every imaginable consumption method and the most well-recognized producers. I asked the budtenders for recommendations and have experimented with different strains and potency of products. I’ve found that a combination of edibles and topicals works the best for treating my arthritis. While the effects of edibles take quite a while to set in, they are also especially intense and long-lasting. I can also consume them without drawing any attention or requiring extra equipment. The topicals provide localized relief. I rub cannabis-infused ointments directly into my fingers. The cannabinoids influence receptors in the skin . For edibles and topicals, I look for options that are high in CBD and low in THC. CBD has proven to reduce chronic pain and inflammation.



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