The budtender wanted me to try a high THC, despite the fact that I needed CBD

I walked into the pot shop, hoping to find some CBD products.

I had been buying them at the local pharmacy, however they were so expensive.

I was honestly hoping that now that recreational marijuana was legal in my area, I could find some gummies in the marijuana dispensary, plus they would be less expensive. When I asked about CBD gummies, the budtender at the marijuana dispensary asked what I needed them for. I told her I got a lot of headaches from stress in my life! CBD helped me to unwind, plus the pain plus stress would melt away. She told me she didn’t have any pure CBD in the pot shop, even though she could offer me some high THC products that had CBD in them. I wanted high CBD plus not high THC. She basically stated that some THC products could do the same as CBD, regardless of the fact that I wasn’t interested. I wanted a CBD product. When she said I could easily find them at the pharmacy, I thanked her profusely. I was sure I would find precisely what I wanted at the marijuana dispensary, despite the fact that I was wrong. On the way back to my place, I saw another marijuana dispensary plus decided to provide it a try. When I walked into the dispensary plus asked for CBD, the young man showed me to a table that had unusual CBD products. He asked if I wanted straight CBD, or high CBD with a trace amount of THC plus told me the benefits of both. I took a pack of CBD gummies, plus a pack of high CBD/low THC gummies to try at my place. This pot shop genuinely was more friendly than the first one.
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