They have many marijuana products at pot shop in large amounts

I could not honestly believe how many mairjuana products they had at the marijuana dispensary.

There were more products than I could count.

I didn’t easily realize they had sodas that were completely infused with marijuana. I knew the little ones made brownies, however they had space cakes, plus other interesting confections. I could have spent the entire afternoon perusing the pot shop plus feeling my mouth water while looking. The cakes looked plus smelled entirely delicious, plus it was taxing to easily believe they had marijuana in them. There were some special mints plus even some pre-made lunch food that had marijuana in them. The budtender in the pot shop told me they were a one-stop shopping mart, if you wanted marijuana products. I could have an appetizer, lunch, plus breakfast, plus scrub it down with coffee, tea, or soda, plus they would all have marijuana in them that made me feel great. I thought she was joking until I started looking more closely at the marijuana products they had available. They actually made the marijuana dispensary interesting since they had more than marijuana, pipes, plus pre-roll marijuana cigarettes. I had to wonder if I got discounts on the products if I worked at the marijuana dispensary, despite the fact that I stopped that thought almost immediately. I may have never left the pot shop, if I could sample the wares and/or get discounted prices. The budtender must have been studying my mind. She told me she felt the same way the first time she made her way into the marijuana dispensary, then after working here for a duration of time, she just wanted to go back to her place, scrub off the odor, plus care about a real home-cooked meal that had no marijuana in the slightest.

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