Cannabis and the war for enjoyable and evil

As a kid my folks made me go to the local pentecostal church.They weren’t snake handlers, but they were pretty close to that.

  • The church was a home for hellfire and brimstone, where the preacher condemned the wicked and also condemned those who didn’t tithe enough.

I hated every second of it, and as soon as I was of legal age I quit going for good. My parents seemed to get more fervent the older they got, as if all sense of reason was abandoning them. The issue came to a head over the subject of cannabis, which my parents said was sinful and immoral. I asked them to simply explain why cannabis was sinful, and they didn’t have an answer. I asked them why cannabis was here on this planet in the first place, and they didn’t want to say the answer. So I answered for them – marijuana is a plant, and God put plants here for humans to enjoy. Finally I asked them to show me the passage in the Bible that said cannabis was immoral, and they couldn’t do that either. Although marijuana has been grown, and enjoyed, for centuries, it is not mentioned in the Bible at all. I told my folks that if the Garden of Eden truly existed, then it was full of marijuana plants! My parents got angry with me, but couldn’t refute anything I said. I doubt that they will ever try marijuana themselves, however I hope I was able to show them the light of reason, and that cannabis was an enjoyable thing.

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